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Amazon Music is an attempt to create a download manager for licensed music. It works as an interactive client for direct browsing, download and playback of various songs available via the Amazon service.

The program has a rather simple interface that lets you browse the online library containing hundreds and thousands of tracks available for purchase from Amazon. You can sort the music by categories, search by performers, etc. There is a built-in feature allowing downloading, transferring and online streaming of entire playlists of complete uninterrupted songs. The smart move on Amazon's part was removing any ads from streams. The number of times you can play a song online is also unlimited.

Amazon Music also has access to Internet radio. Stations feature full songs with the ability to skip or repeat them, without adds and with the function of downloading and saving the song you hear. In addition, Amazon Music lets you export all downloaded songs to iTunes or Windows Media Player.

Amazon Music is light, fast and comfortable to use. It's one of the best download clients for licensed music out there.

James Lynch
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